University hires anti-Semitic diversity officer

University hires anti-Semitic diversity officer

University hires anti-Semitic diversity officer

An advocate for Israel says the fact that the University of Maryland has appointed a diversity officer with anti-Semitic views shows that Jewish people "have a different litmus test" than other races.

According to The Washington Free Beacon, Jazmin Pichardo of the school's Office of Diversity and Inclusion last year posted anti-Israel remarks accusing Israel of "ongoing genocide and ethnic cleansing of Palestine." Naya Lekht of Club Z, a network of educated and articulate activists with a commitment to Zionism who advocate for Israel, says that is "alarming."

Lekht, Naya (Club Z) Lekht

"The question that we must ask is how can one be inclusive when one holds personal views about a Jewish state -- the only Jewish country, the state of Israel -- that [are] anti-Semitic," Lekht poses.

Two Jewish alumni who are part of the school's Jewish Identity Programming Advisory Committee confronted Pichardo over the posts after she was put at the helm of the committee, which is tasked with fighting anti-Jewish bias on campus.

Lekht suggests part of the problem is the Jewish community is far too compliant and does not take a stand when such issues arise.

"We have a different litmus test," she adds. "I have no doubt in my mind that if this diversity inclusion officer had tweeted or wrote on their Facebook racist comments, that they would be fired. But for some reason, when it comes to Jews, there's a different standard."

In a report last year, Jay Greene of The Heritage Foundation revealed that 96% of diversity officer tweets included in the study were critical of Israel.