Patriots greet convoy as it traverses Ohio, destined for DC

Patriots greet convoy as it traverses Ohio, destined for DC

Patriots greet convoy as it traverses Ohio, destined for DC

A tea party leader was impressed with the level of positive response The People's Convoy received as it passed through Ohio on its way to Washington, DC.

The People's Convoy is one of several trucker protests making their way toward the nation's capital to take a stand against restrictive COVID-19 mandates and government overreach. The efforts were inspired by the Canadian truckers who shut down the Canadian capital of Ottawa for three weeks until Prime Minister Justin Trudeau forcibly shut it down.

On Thursday, The People's Convoy entered Ohio. Tom Zawistowski, president of the tea party-affiliated We the People Convention, spoke with AFN as he joined thousands of others to witness the People's Convoy make its way through the Buckeye State. He said the response of the people was overwhelming.

Zawistowski, Tom (We the People Convention) Zawistowski

"There wasn't single overpass over I-70 that didn't have people on it who were waving flags and supporting [the truckers]," he shared, as horns blared in the background. "It's quite impressive. It's been a big success and the [line] of trucks looks like is about 45 miles long. It's hard to get a count of all the trucks, but just right where I'm at I can see that there's at least hundreds in my view and more down the road."

Zawistowski says while the major news networks are overwhelmed with Ukraine war coverage, local stations have picked up the slack.

"As we were in Columbus, the local TV station there was streaming live on Facebook – and they were just giving a very positive report. They were streaming live for like an hour, and I know they're going to have that footage for their nightly news. So, we're to get good coverage at the local stations and I think that's important."

If things go according to schedule, the convoy should arrive at the DC Beltway area on Saturday.

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