Biden now threatening Dominican leaders

Biden now threatening Dominican leaders

Biden now threatening Dominican leaders

The U.S. government continues to pressure foreign nations to step in line with the left's standards on certain issues.

The State Department under the Biden administration has been pressuring nations, especially in Central and South America, to change their laws to legalize abortion and provide special rights for homosexuals and individuals who identify as transgender.

In a recent interview with LifeSiteNews, Bishop Victor Masalles of the Diocese of Bani said the same strong-arming tactics are also being used against the Dominican Republic.

"The president of the Senate, the president of the representatives -- they received a warning from the American Embassy that if they don't legalize abortion and if they don't open the penal code against the discrimination with the LGBT person, they're going to be without the American visa," Bishop Masalles detailed.

Without a visa, the government officials would not be allowed to travel to the United States.

On the abortion front, Masalles said the U.S. is trying to force the practice on their pro-life country even as the city of Bani is preparing for the pro-life Caravana Celeste.

"It's a caravan with vehicles that we're going to be doing in March in the city," the bishop explained. "We're planning this on March 26th because March 25th is a day by law in the Dominican Republic … for the unborn child."

Since 1981, the Siljander Amendment has prevented America from using U.S. funds to promote for or against abortion.