Tension, yes … but no division in fighting evil gov't overreach

Tension, yes … but no division in fighting evil gov't overreach

Tension, yes … but no division in fighting evil gov't overreach

The Freedom Convoy in Canada has been getting a lot of support from like-minded patriots in the U.S. – among them a group carrying supplies to the truckers who are protesting just over the border.

Authorities in Canada today started arresting Canadian truckers in the Freedom Convoy, which was started several weeks ago by the truckers as a protest opposing a requirement to quarantine for 14 days if they entered the country unvaccinated. It has since come to represent general opposition to all vaccine and quarantine mandates.

The protest set up shop in several places, including the Peace Bridge between Buffalo, New York and Fort Erie, Ontario. An organization called Convoy to Save America was put together in the U.S. to provide, physical, financial, and moral support to the Canadians. Penny Fay, one of the organizers, says they led a convoy of their own up to the Peace Bridge last weekend to deliver supplies.

"What we saw there was very peaceful protesters, therefore like-minded people of all denominations, races, colors, religions, sexual orientation," she tells AFN. "There was no division among us. We were all there because of the overreach."

And while the protest is peaceful – in fact, family-friendly by all accounts – there is tension surrounding the effort, according to Fay.

"The atmosphere up there is kind of how Cuba felt right before communism, or the same way the Soviet Union felt or Venezuela or China," she describes. "It's the same players. This is a full communist takeover."

Fay says her group's purpose is to support the Canadian truckers and thank them for being, in a sense, the leaders of the free world.

"Americans have to understand something that's very important," she concludes, "and that is that we have more in common with each other than we do not. And when we realize that and we accept each other for our personal beliefs, I think that we can become stronger and stop this evil, whatever this evil is."