Evidence of how far we've strayed

Evidence of how far we've strayed

Evidence of how far we've strayed

The executive director of a ministry that helps those struggling with unwanted same-sex attraction says something is off about a recent poll number.

A research report released in October by George Barna and the Cultural Research Center (Arizona Christian University) revealed that a full 28% of self-described born-again Millennials identify as LGBTQ.

Paulk, Anne (Restored Hope Network) Paulk

Considering the estimation that only 3-6% of the rest of America identifies as homosexual or transgender, Anne Paulk of Restored Hope Network finds it extremely unlikely that the younger set is that much more disordered than the general population. She believes something else is going on.

"Some people are simply adopting the language so they can avoid harassment of being seen as an oppressor and instead taking the pretty weighty and powerful position of victim," Paulk submits.

That, she says, is evidence of how far culture has strayed from God, and it puts the lie to the narrative that homosexuals are a persecuted, outcast minority. 

"It's just so prominent … in every TV station, every show, every media coverage, every outlet," Paulk notes. "It's as if if you're LGBT-identified, you are the hero of the story."

What especially disappoints Paulk is the fact that churches seem to be failing to teach Millennials the truth that a person cannot identify both as a born-again Christian and as a homosexual.

"We human beings are given sexual feelings," she acknowledges. "We have sexual feelings that we are to steward, and the Bible talks about how people should behave and what ways that God says no to."