Big Tech helping hide real help

Big Tech helping hide real help

Big Tech helping hide real help

Social media sources are harming people with unwanted same-gender attraction.

Psychologist Joseph Nicolosi, Jr. has seen success with Reintegrative Therapy, or helping people resolve traumatic childhood experiences and memories; most of his patients ultimately make the transition to favoring the opposite gender. But YouTube has removed all of his videos.

Black, Stephen (First Stone Ministries) Black

Stephen Black of First Stone Ministries, a ministry whose mission is to lead people in the body of Christ to freedom from homosexuality and sexual brokenness through a relationship with Jesus Christ, reports that YouTube is not the only culprit.

"Facebook and other tech giants and other people have aligned themselves politically with LGBTQ+," Black tells American Family News. "People should pay attention to that plus sign because it means something -- an ideology of an orientation narrative that does not change."

That disregards the success of the individuals who have undergone the Reintegrative Therapy and have made the journey out of the homosexual lifestyle. So Black submits the tech giants are robbing people of the truth. Opponents, he says, want such therapy banned.

"They call these things conversion therapy bans. Conversion therapy is a ruse term," Black asserts. "It's not even real. No one practices this nefarious electric shock or hooking up people to IVs or somehow beating people behind the scenes with Bibles, as portrayed by Hollywood."

He shares that the trauma treatment has had a high success rate in resolving LGBTQ+ psychological problems, and he adds that the main way troubled people will find out about it is through friendly internet sources and alternative media.