Bomberger: WH methods for advancing racial equity are deadly

Bomberger: WH methods for advancing racial equity are deadly

Bomberger: WH methods for advancing racial equity are deadly

While it's denying the report, the White House is being accused of "advancing death" by including crack pipes in HHS-distributed "safe smoking kits."

On Monday, The Washington Free Beacon reported that the Biden administration was planning to provide $30 million in grants to distribute crack pipes to drug addicts as part of its plan for "advancing racial equity." The Free Beacon attributed its information to a spokesman for Health and Human Services, which said the kits aim to reduce the risk of infection when smoking "illicit" substances with glass pipes.

During a Wednesday press conference, White House press secretary Jen Psaki denied crack pipes were ever a part of the kits – and blamed "inaccurate reporting" for the controversy.

Reacting to the report, Ryan Bomberger of The Radiance Foundation tells AFN the government is off base if it wants to advance "racial equity" with a program he predicts would only increase violence in the black community.

Bomberger, Ryan (Radiance Foundation) Bomberger

"They want to increase access to abortion in a community that already has far higher rates of abortion – but they want to call it advancing racial equity," he begins. "They want to increase chemical abortions in the black community – and they want call it advancing racial equity. And now they want to increase access to drugs by providing free smoking kits and other drug paraphernalia – and they want to call it advancing racial equity."

Bomberger argues the only thing those programs advance is death.

Bomberber has read the HHS manual on the grants, which is part of President Joe Biden's American Rescue Plan.

"In that plan they insist that all these substance abuse programs have to be tobacco-free and nicotine-free," he notes. "So, apparently it's evil for people to use and abuse tobacco, but it's quite alright for hard drugs."

According to National Review, Snopes – the fact-checking website – confirmed the Beacon report that crack pipes would be included in the HHS kits … but chose to give the report a "mostly false" rating.