Underlying issues at the root of pro-abort violence

Underlying issues at the root of pro-abort violence

Underlying issues at the root of pro-abort violence

An advocate for life says most people are unaware of the violence pro-life sidewalk counselors face because the media ignores it.

News of the December 11th attack on a pro-lifer in Pensacola, Florida only recently made the media circuit. An angry Jennifer Samala reportedly approached a group of pro-lifers near American Family Planning Pensacola, the city's only abortion facility. She grabbed a pro-lifer's sign and hit Thomas Messe in the face with it. The incident was caught on video.

Lynda Bell of Florida Right to Life says there is an explanation, and it is more than a simple difference of opinion on the abortion issue.

"Something about a pro-lifer that elicits such anger towards anybody shows that there really is a great instability in the pro-aborts as well as an anger, probably because they are angry with themselves," Bell suggests. "They are having abortion remorse or something to propel that kind of violence or anger against somebody. There's a lot of underlying issues going on."

The woman in the Pensacola case was arrested and charged with battery, and Bell says she should be prosecuted.

"I just think this is a sad occasion," says Bell. "You're seeing it happen more and more."

The Escambia County Sheriff's Office has responded to 37 calls related to the facility this year alone, and they have arrested one person for trespassing. While he has previously been confronted about his signs, Messe says this is the first time things have turned violent.

However, Live Action points out that this is far from the first time that pro-life advocates have been attacked. Instances of pro-abortion vandalism and assault are happening with alarming frequency across the country, especially on college campuses.

Meanwhile, the public is none the wiser because the mainstream media heavily supports abortion and is against the pro-life movement's efforts to save the lives of preborn babies.