Jobless after refusing Jab called Jim Crow 2.0

Jobless after refusing Jab called Jim Crow 2.0

Jobless after refusing Jab called Jim Crow 2.0

Millions of unvaccinated Americans were informed by President Joe Biden they deserve to be punished for failing to get a COVID-19 shot but a black conservative who did just that says it sure sounds like Jim Crow-like discrimination.

“Joe Biden is on TV telling people you're the problem if you're not vaccinated,” Derrick Hollie, of Project 21, says of Biden's now-infamous address to the nation in the fall. “You're the issue. You're the reason why we can't get through this. That is so false.”

An estimated 80 million Americans were told by their president in September they are the reason the China-born virus has not gone away, and hence he was ordering the federal government to fine private businesses if they failed to force their employees to roll up a sleeve for a double-jab Pfizer or Moderna shot, or the single-jab Johnson & Johnson shot.

In that same speech, the visibly angry president lectured a free people his patience was “wearing thin” for the holdouts whose refusal, he said, “has cost all of us.”

That unconstitutional mandate, now tied up in hundreds of lawsuits in the federal courts, could very well conclude with a Supreme Court decision declaring OSHA can enforce workplace safety by forcing the COVID shot on private employers and their employees.

Hollie tells American Family News he did his part and got the Pfizer shot.

“But you know what? I still caught COVID,” he says. “Somehow it's mandated that you know what's best for me. I don't agree with it. That is Jim Crow in itself. You don't know what's best for me.”

Hollie, Derrick (Project 21) Hollie

So-called “vaccine hesitancy” is highest among black Americans, in fact, which means the Democrat president is indirectly blaming blacks for spreading the virus, and thus sickening and killing their co-workers and family members.

That also means his “mandate” is forcing millions of black employees to choose between keeping their job and refusing The Jab. This week, in New York City, an estimated 184,000 businesses are being forced to ban their own employees who cannot show proof of vaccination.

Hollie’s personal experience with a “breakthrough” COVID-19 case has also been experienced by many others, such as a late-fall outbreak in Vermont which leads the nation in COVID vaccinations. That surge in positive cases was blamed on the unvaccinated.

It is not unvaccinated Americans who are ruining the country, Hollie says, but the vaccine mandate itself.