Nothing's new under the sun

Nothing's new under the sun

Nothing's new under the sun

A pro-Israel advocate sees "haunting parallels" in Germany between the current COVID-19 crisis and the 1930s.


One of the ways Germans who refuse to take the mandated inoculations are being ostracized is that yellow painted signs reading, "DO NOT BUY FROM UNVAXXED" have appeared on store windows in the Central European country. In response, some protestors have started wearing yellow badges shaped like the Jewish Star of David with the inscription "unvaccinated," drawing a comparison to the Nazis' persecution of Jews during World War II.

Markell, Jan (Olive Tree Ministries) Markell

"I've said for almost a year that there are some haunting parallels between the 1930s and the 21st century here with this COVID crisis," comments Jan Markell, founder and director of Olive Tree Ministries. "A new group of people in the 21st century are becoming the new untouchables, the new yellow-starred people. And that's those who just choose for various reasons, and there are lots of reasons, to be unvaccinated for COVID."

She confesses that she never thought she would see in her lifetime any sort of resurgence of what happened in the '30s, and she believes the whole pandemic fits into end times prophecy.

"Someday the unsaved left behind after the rapture are going to be depending on the Antichrist, and what I see is a conditioning right now for prepping people to trust the government with their major decisions," Markell submits. "Right now that's health and are they going to keep their jobs, but they have to comply in order to please the government."

Markell says she is "shocked" at the thought of how many people are going to be truly left behind to go through the tribulation.