Black professor: Whites deserve death but I'm not down with that

Black professor: Whites deserve death but I'm not down with that

Black professor: Whites deserve death but I'm not down with that

A black professor is deservedly making the news for suggesting the white race is a lost cause and whites deserve to be “taken out” for their white supremacy, but a conservative activist predicts most blacks will run from such hate-filled beliefs.

Brittney Cooper, an associate professor at Rutgers University, made a string of jaw-dropping observations in a 45-minute interview with The Root Institute in which she suggested white people are “committed to being villains” because they are white supremacists determined to hold onto power for fear of minorities dominating over them.

That view is a key tenet of Critical Race Theory, the topic of the interview, because it claims whites are “oppressors” of minorities because they are racists by nature who dominate education, law, culture, and economics to maintain their hold on power.  

The professor went on speculate that blacks lived for hundreds of years far removed from being dominated by whites and in a future generation blacks will outlive white supremacy at some point, too.

“The thing I wanna say to you is, We gotta take these [expletive] [expletive] out but, like, we can’t say that,” the professor said. “I don’t believe in a project of violence. I truly don’t.”    

In a video that can be viewed here, Cooper was interviewed by Root writer Michael Harriot on the topic of  “Unpacking the Attacks on Critical Race Theory.”

Critical Race Theory has become a household name in recent years, far removed from its far-left roots in academia, and the interview began by Cooper describing how CRT was birthed in the 1980s by black legal scholars Derrick Bell and Kimberle Crenshaw. Those pioneers applied race to a 1970s movement known as Critical Legal Theory, Cooper pointed out, which was created at the time by “white lefty attorneys,” she said.

After that quick history lesson, the smiling professor went on a wildly accusatory lecture in which she predicted that America will be free of whites, and their racist power structure, in the future. 

“White folks are not infinite and eternal. Right? They ain’t gonna go on for infinity and infinity,” she said at one point. “And that’s super important to remember that white imperialism and colonialism has a beginning, and in my way of thinking about the world that means it has an end.”

Responding to the professor’s race-based lecture, David Almasi of Project 21 says Cooper is among black supremacy's true believers.

Almasi, David (The National Center) Almasi

“What we're seeing these days is a religious fervor that is actually political,” he says, “to get their goals by any means possible. So their cause has become a religion to them.”

Cooper, in fact, described white people in spiritual terms of being “morally and spiritually bankrupt” by the power they hold over minorities.

Almasi says Cooper and other CRT believers appear to be beyond social redemption for holding such views of fellow human beings --- she is a “lost cause,” he says --- but most of the public, including blacks, do not hold those views of a racist power system holding blacks back in the name of power.  

“The Left has gone far, far to the left,” he summarizes, “and it's left most Americans behind.”