Townspeople won't be backed into a corner

Townspeople won't be backed into a corner

Townspeople won't be backed into a corner

Wyoming residents are accusing county library officials of violating criminal law in making certain materials available to young people.

Residents in Gillette, Wyoming have conducted demonstrations and attended board meetings in an effort to get filthy books moved away from the children's section of the library.

"The criminal statutes of Wyoming support our viewpoint," asserts Hugh Bennett, a local businessman who has filed a criminal complaint against library officials. "But we have so many liberals -- they call themselves Republicans, most of them here -- and it's so endemic to our system of government now that they are really pushing normal, God-fearing, family-loving people into a corner."

So Bennett says people must stand up and fight against the culture, even when it means standing wrongly accused of pushing for censorship, which is his current situation.

"You can't buy chewing tobacco or cigarettes in Wyoming unless you're an adult," Bennett points out. "In our convenience stores and places that sell books, if you have erotic books being sold, they have to be behind a plastic cover behind the counter, and a patron that wants to purchase one has to ask for it. Plus you have to be able to see over the counter to get it."

On September 29th, Hugh and his wife, Susan, brought five of the library books to the Campbell County Sheriff's office and filed the criminal complaint.

The library books in question sexualize children and promote the LGBT lifestyle. One even instructs children how to go online to hook up with a same-gender date.