A petition to protect children

A petition to protect children

A petition to protect children

An anti-trafficking organization that has seen success with prior petition drives is now demanding that porn sites stop making their content available to children.

Exodus Cry spokeswoman Helen Taylor tells American Family News her anti-trafficking organization previously launched a successful petition drive that led to legal changes against Pornhub, a major international porn website.

Taylor, Helen (Exodus Cry) Taylor

"This led to Pornhub deciding to remove 80% of their entire website, about 10 million videos and all their -- quote, unquote—'unverified section' that they knew was completely unverified, whether those videos were legal or not," Taylor reports.

Many of those videos, she says, were of minors involved in non-consensual acts.

Now, in a time when many young kids and children have access to the internet through their cell phones, Exodus Cry's latest petition drive is making new demands on the industry.

"This whole current campaign is called Protect Children Not Porn," Taylor asserts. "It's raising awareness that children are two clicks away from graphic, violent content, that they're being raised on this content, and we are now demanding age verification laws be passed to prevent children from being able to access these websites."

The technology to do so is readily available, so since porn sites have simply not bothered to utilize it, that confirms to Exodus Cry that such websites are grooming kids to become lifelong customers.