Survey finds college degree separates skeptics from their Creator

Survey finds college degree separates skeptics from their Creator

Survey finds college degree separates skeptics from their Creator

New polling data on the religious faith of Americans confirms the more education a person has, the less likely they are to strongly believe in a Creator, which probably comes as no surprise to generations who sat under college professors who hated Christianity and told them so everyday.


According to data from the Cooperative Congregational Studies Partnership, a multi-faith research group, 69% of Americans with no high school education believe in God. Compare that figure to Americans with a college degree: 47%, just under half, believe in God.

Responding to the survey, church pastor and author Dr. Robert Jeffress says the Bible predicts that outcome.

“There is no contradiction between God and science, or God and facts,” he says, “but there is pseudo-science that denies the reality of God and says that this world just occurred by chance.”

Jeffress points out that scientific giants such as Isaac Newton and Louis Pasteur were believers in a God-ordered universe. In fact, it was Belgian priest Georges LeMaitre, also an astronomer and brilliant mathematician, who theorized an expanding universe later called the “Big Bang” theory.

Jeffress, Rev. Robert (FBC Dallas) Jeffress

Elsewhere in the survey, 57% of high school graduates hold the same belief in God while 49% of those with some college hours have a firm belief in God.

Although it is true college students routinely sit under faith-mocking professors who undermine their beliefs, Jeffress says the reality is a college-educated person often goes through life with a delusion of independence and self-reliance.

“People don't want to believe in God,” he tells American Family News. “They don't want to believe in a supreme being to whom they're accountable, and so they are blinded to facts.”

That is just the reality of our post-modern society, Jeffress adds, so it is up to Christians to educate themselves in apologetics to patiently answer the skeptics with reason and logic, and some history, too.