In late third act, Hollywood producer denounces TX heartbeat law

In late third act, Hollywood producer denounces TX heartbeat law

A heartbeat law in Texas has angered abortion supporters including a Hollywood producer who has vowed he will not work in the state. 

In late third act, Hollywood producer denounces TX heartbeat law

Texas made the Left livid over a pro-life heartbeat law that outlaws most abortion and now a Hollywood producer has boarded the Outrage Express to denounce the Lonestar State, and mock human biology, while claiming he cares about women.

TV writer-producer David Simon announced on social media that he would refuse to work in Texas on a future miniseries produced by HBO that is set in the Dallas area. 

Simon’s vow comes a little late. It was back in early September when the U.S. Supreme Court announced it would not hear an appeal to the Heartbeat Act, which predictably triggered abortion rights groups. The abortion-supporting U.S. Justice Dept. announced it was suing to stop the law. American Family News has pointed out, however, that the state law had passed in May with little national publicity from abortion supporters and their allies in the national media.

Simon, most famous for producing award-winning TV series The Wire for HBO, claimed he was avoiding Texas because he was looking out for the “civil liberties” of female cast and crew.

Reacting to Simon’s vow, Jonathan Covey of Texas Values says Texas doesn’t take its moral views from abortion-crazed Hollywood.

Covey, Jonathan (Texas Values) Covey

“But what we do know is that Hollywood, and California in general,” Covey says, “are jumping in droves to come to Texas and reap the benefits we have that our values created for us.”

Simon’s vow to avoid Texas earned a hard-hitting response from pro-life group Live Action, which points out that Hollywood has a sad record of mistreating women and hence the “Me Too” movement that has exposed that abuse in recent years thanks to actresses who have gone public.

That backdoor abuse includes supporting abortion, Live Action argues, because pregnant actresses such as “Buffy” co-star Charisma Carpenter ruin the money-chasing plans of male producers and directors.

When pro-life activists pushed back on Simon’s post, the Hollywood producer mocked one woman who said abortion kills a child and told another woman she should “[expletive] off to the farthest point possible” for defending unborn children.

Covey says Hollywood is willfully blind to the fact that abortion takes a life that is growing in the womb.

“That's what we're trying to stop in Texas,” he says, “with the Texas heartbeat law.”