Christ – the anchor in a devastating journey

Christ – the anchor in a devastating journey

Christ – the anchor in a devastating journey

A new program on a national Christian radio network aims to help couples who are dealing with infertility and miscarriage.

"We're really excited for this opportunity," says Kendra White, who will co-host "Hannah's Heart" on American Family Radio. "[The program] is named after Hannah in the Bible who struggled with infertility – and we hope to encourage couples who are walking through either infertility or miscarriage, to help them cling to Christ through that incredibly difficult journey."

White points out those are issues that impact a lot of lives. "I had no idea how many people it affected until I started struggling with it myself," she says. "One in eight couples struggles with infertility [and] one in four pregnancies is a miscarriage; and I've had so many people private message me saying 'I've been dealing with this for years … and it's devastating.'"

White's co-host, Anne Cockrell, knows the situation all too well.

"I had been trying to find devotion books, any type of help that would draw me closer to Christ but also maybe help me to understand 'Why this is going on? Why can I get pregnant sometimes but lose those lives?'" Cockrell shares. "I didn't find anything I was looking for – so I started studying the women in scripture and that's how I was drawn to Hannah [and her story]."

The co-hosts encourage listeners to submit prayer requests as well as discussion topics such as IVF, embryo adoption, dealing with holidays, etc.

"Hannah's Heart" premieres Saturday, October 23, at 5:00 p.m. (Central) on the American Family Radio network. More information on the program is available on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and iTunes.

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