Jerusalem-based ministry an eyewitness to future

Jerusalem-based ministry an eyewitness to future

Jerusalem-based ministry an eyewitness to future

A Messianic Jewish believer says he has been studying prophetic Old Testament passages in light of the pandemic from locked-down Jerusalem and is watching to see the future unfold.

In a visit to the Mississippi-based American Family Association, Kobi Ferguson described the “dry bones” passages in Ezekiel 36 and 37, a promise that Israel would be restored in the future after experiencing ruin by the Babylonians.

Some biblical scholars believe that prophetic promise happened when Israel was reborn in 1948.

Ferguson and his wife Shani direct Maoz, a Messianic ministry that aids Christian believers in the Holy Land.

Speaking to One News Now, Ferguson said there is great debate about the chronology of later passages in Ezekiel, especially chapters 38 and 39, that describe the Battle of Gog and Magog.

“We know prophetic things kind of happen in cycles,” he says. “And we do see Moscow is due north exactly of Jerusalem, I mean, maybe within a few points of degrees in latitude.”

When does that march south, if true, happen in world history?  “I'm not sure,” Ferguson acknowledges.

The prophecies found in the Bible have taken on new meaning during the pandemic for the husband and wife who witnessed Israel go into lockdown mode that they say went on and on for more days than any other country.  

“Often I thought,” Ferguson recalls of that time, “Wow, if there was just a plague or a famine or another thing here, another war here, the whole systems of mankind would have just fell, crumbled.”