Strong families are the key to a strong America

Strong families are the key to a strong America

Strong families are the key to a strong America

The nation's premier organization engaging directly in campaigns and advocacy on behalf of the family has a new project it hopes will make politicians more concerned about families.

Terry Schilling of the American Principles Project (APP) says The Big Family is a political membership organization for families who are concerned about the direction of the country and what politicians are doing to her families.

"I tell people it's kind of like the [National Rifle Association], except we don't do guns," he shares. "We just focus on organizing families in politics to save the family and, in turn, save America."

If conservatives want to take on Big Government, Big Business, and Big Tech, then Schilling says they will need Big Family to organize and engage in politics.

"Government is teaching kids that America is evil, they're confusing them about gender and sex, [and] they're teaching our kids that they're racist and that their friends are victims and incapable of overcoming adversity," Schilling continues. "It's really bad stuff, and all this stuff that's coming from woke progressives in the government is being bolstered by Big Business, and anyone who speaks out about this online on social media, they're getting censored and shut down by Big Business and Big Tech."

Starting at $25 a year, new members can join the growing Big Family and be kept up to date on all the major threats facing families. Members will also be updated on the most important elections in the country and organized to turn out the vote "in a way the world has never seen before" to help fight bad legislation and help pass good legislation.

"Most families are spending $11 a month on Netflix, which is all going towards really bad people trying to indoctrinate your children," Schilling compares. "We set the prices very low. We want people bought into the idea of families being used in politics and organized and engaged to hold politicians accountable."

The APP is encouraging anyone who cares about the American family to join the only group in Washington, DC that is fighting for the American family in politics. With over 300,000 members and activists, The Big Family is the largest political movement for the family.