Science ignored in dysphoric reality

Science ignored in dysphoric reality

Science ignored in dysphoric reality

A socially conservative healthcare professional says the facts do not agree with activists who argue that transgendered individuals who do not receive total affirmation for their gender identity are at greater risk for suicide.

Bob Kellogg

As states are making moves to protect women's sports from men who claim to be transgender, Joe Biden and his administration continue to side with activists in pressuring parents and politicians with the threat of suicide should young people who claim to be transgender not receive total affirmation of their identity.

According to Breitbart News, extensive research has found that those undergoing puberty blockers and mutilating surgeries are no less likely to commit suicide than young people without gender dysphoria.

"The people that are making statements and doing affidavits and suing any state that has a law that prevents minors from being mutilated chemically and surgically, the things that they say are based on their own personal opinions," asserts American College of Pediatricians President Quentin Van Meter, MD.

Dr. Van Meter says the mainstream media outlets are ignoring the research that shows transgender medical intervention does not reduce suicide rates.

"It doesn't get advertised or published except in places like Breitbart, but that's the atmosphere right now," he laments. "It's sort of a terroristic atmosphere."

The research cited by Breitbart actually shows that the suicide rate among transgender students undergoing medical procedures is much higher than that of the general population.