America cannot accept victimhood

America cannot accept victimhood

America cannot accept victimhood

A proponent of strengthening the country by strengthening families doesn't think the federal government is the solution to the current drug problem.

During the height of the COVID crisis, the Centers for Disease Control reports 93,000 Americans died from drug overdoses. That averages out to about 256 a day or 11 every hour, and it sets an unfortunate record.

Ken Blackwell of the Family Research Council (FRC) says part of the problem is the nation's leadership is destroying the family, the first incubator of liberty.

Blackwell, Ken (FRC) Blackwell

"With an administration that is destroying the family and actually opening our borders to this supply of drugs in an illegal form, what we are now witnessing is both a nation and a group of individuals who are lacking the will to beat this," Blackwell laments.

He imagines the cartels are likely enjoying how much easier their lives are under Biden's leadership, and he says responding to the issue is something that has to start with the individual.

"The individual cannot accept victimhood," the FRC spokesman asserts. "The individual must understand that he or she has human agency and that they can change conditions. They have to exert their will."

In other words, the individual can make a difference by challenging his or her own individual problem first. But Blackwell adds that when an administration comes to power and is actively trying to drive God and faith out of the public square, destroying the family, opening borders -- conditions are ripe for drug problems and a crime of opportunity and dependency.