Feminist mag for 'killing for the sake of killing'

Feminist mag for 'killing for the sake of killing'

Feminist mag for 'killing for the sake of killing'

Contrary to the advice of an international women's magazine, a pro-lifer says children of economically impoverished families deserve the chance to rise above their circumstances.

Feminist magazine Marie Claire recently ran a piece urging Hollywood to depict more parents having abortions and claiming that children born in poor homes are better off if their mother aborts all other subsequent pregnancies.

But according to Hugh Brown of the American Life League, children cannot make their own way out of poverty unless they are allowed to live.

"This country in particular is the greatest country in the history of the world because it provides each of us opportunity," Brown submits. "We're supposed to be guaranteed the right to life, the right to our freedom, and then the pursuit of happiness, and happiness doesn't necessarily mean money; happiness means that you are pursuing what God intends for your life."

So when children are born into families that are not financially wealthy, he urges the parents to feed and clothe their babies to the best of their ability. Keep a roof over their heads, educate them, and raise them up in the Word of God until the time comes to release them into the world as an adult.

"The answer is not murder," he asserts. "It never has been. For every child in the history of this nation that's been aborted, we could have more than likely found two or three families per child that would have taken that child and given him or her the opportunity to live their life and change the world as the Lord intends."

Brown concludes that abortion is "an insane, ridiculous argument" and says Marie Claire is advocating for "killing for the sake of killing."