Eyewitness to 'culture war' warns Marxism knocking at the door

Eyewitness to 'culture war' warns Marxism knocking at the door

Eyewitness to 'culture war' warns Marxism knocking at the door

A ministry that has warned about America’s corroding culture for four decades is warning about an inevitable threat: Marxists are gaining ground and stand closer than ever to overthrowing our republic.

The danger facing our nation, warns the American Family Association, is the success of “Cultural Marxism” in American society, a reference to the vision of 19th century Marxists to instigate violent revolution by dividing the populace in culture, politics, religion, business, and academia.

Antonio Gramsci, the Italian intellectual and avowed Marxist, described the inequality in society as a "cultural hegemony" in which the ruling class rules over the poor, and only an otherthrow of the rich can bring equality. 

“Communism: The promise to hurt the people you blame for your problems in exchange for power,” Jesse Kelly, the Texas-based radio host, summarized that belief in a Twitter post last week.

The class-based Marxism of the late 19th century is not hard to detect in the much-newer concept of Critical Race Theory, which claims the Civil Rights gains of the 1960s did not bring equality because whites do not want minorities to gain power and influence.

At the Tupelo, Mississippi-based AFA, ministry president Tim Wildmon told supporters in a July newsletter that Critical Race Theory has awakened the public to the Marxist threat that has invaded our schools, culture, and even major corporations. The premise behind CRT is dangerous, he wrote, because it takes the legitimate issues of racism and equality, then twists them to claim white people are inherently racist and purposely try to hold back minorities.

Christians should sympathize with minorities who have been wronged, and are now bitter and angry, Wildmon continued, but the Marxist-based CRT takes that anger and promises to punish others who have done nothing wrong.

“At the same time, we must not show mercy to poisonous ideologies,” Wildmon told AFA supporters, “but instead we must endeavor to show our neighbors, our communities, and our nation the truth and proclaim to them the grace of the gospel of Jesus Christ!”

Ed Vitagliano, an AFA vice president, says Critical Race Theory is just a more modern, race-based branch of Critical Theory, the Marxist philosophy that dates back to the 1930s and claims inequality exists in every aspect of a capitalist society and must be demolished by a violent revolution.

“Every one of these movements is after one thing,” Vitagliano says, “and that is the end of society as we know it and the replacement of it with something else."

Jesse Kelly, the radio host, summarized the current cultural fight in another tweet:

REMINDER: The race hustlers don’t care about race. The feminists don’t care about women. Environmentalists don’t care about the earth. LGBTQECVJ don’t care about gay people. It’s all about communism.

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