Activist judges are LGBTQ group's last hope

Activist judges are LGBTQ group's last hope

Activist judges are LGBTQ group's last hope

Homosexual activists are proving once again that they will exhaust every option to impose their agenda on people, regardless of what the majority wants.

Dan Jarvis of the Michigan Family Forum reports the homosexual group Fair and Equal Michigan was not happy when the public did not respond favorably to its petition drive for expansion of the 1976 Elliot-Larsen Civil Rights Act, which bars discrimination based on religion, race, age, sex, and other attributes.

"Because of the whole COVID thing, the courts actually gave them 69 additional days," Jarvis details. "But they were unable to get the number of signatures."

He adds that the state legislature has refused to expand bias protections for many years. But when the petition drive failed, the Michigan Supreme Court issued an order to take up a lower court's decision, skipping the appeals process.


So now the plan is to rule at some date whether special protections on the basis of sexual orientation and gender confusion will be the law of the land.

"In the same order they asked 13 gay-friendly organizations to issue an amicus brief. They did not ask anybody else to submit a brief," Jarvis explains. "They said that if other organizations are interested, the court would consider granting permission to do that, so we're very concerned about the Michigan Supreme Court ruling at this point."