Once-great BSA going broke after going 'woke'

Once-great BSA going broke after going 'woke'

Once-great BSA going broke after going 'woke'

The long-declining Boy Scouts of America organization is watching its membership and revenue tumble even lower but a longtime critic says the decline is well-deserved.

According to the most recent figures, Cub Scout and Boy Scout membership dropped a whopping 43% in 2020, The Associated Press reported on Wednesday.

BSA has experienced declining numbers for years, the AP said, but the virus pandemic hurt membership while a federal lawsuit filed by victims of sexual abuse is hurting the organization, too, after BSA sought bankruptcy protection.

Peter LaBarbera of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality has witnessed the Boy Scouts run from its religious and patriotic roots for decades and now, most recently, allow girls to join, too.

So he predicts it’s probably too late for BSA to return to its roots.  

“They've already destroyed the once-wholesome legacy of the Scouts,” he says, “and it's hard to get that back.”

The leftward-drifting Girl Scouts has watched its members flee, too, after its numbers dropped nearly 30% in a year, the AP said.

The left-wing corruption of the Girls Scouts dates back much farther, LaBarbera says. It appears, he adds, that many parents were finally tired of feminist-inspired lessons, introducing girls to graphic sex education, and allegations the group cooperates with Planned Parenthood.