CRT's new name isn't fooling anyone

CRT's new name isn't fooling anyone

CRT's new name isn't fooling anyone

A cultural issues writer is encouraging parents to keep up the good work as the Left continues its effort to deceive parents and indoctrinate students.

Leftist educators are feeling the pushback from parents who are vocally upset about critical race theory (CRT) being taught to their children. So educators are starting to call CRT "courageous conversations."

For example, Laurie Higgins, a cultural affairs writer for the Illinois Family Institute, says a Virginia school district is now using "culturally responsive teaching."

"Their reconstruction of terms is one of their special gifts, and it's a deceitful way of concealing what's really going on," Higgins asserts.

She says phrases like "diversity and inclusion," "anti-racist," and "equity" are red flags, and it is up to parents to find out what is going on.

Higgins, Laurie (Illinois Family Institute) Higgins

"People should be going to school board meetings and demanding specific definitions for terms, because you can have a more substantive debate when you can reveal how they're using terms like culturally responsive teaching," the writer submits.

Higgins applauds parents in her recent article, "Leftists Freak Out About Efforts to Give Critical Race Theory the Heave Ho."

To leftists, conservative efforts to stop the heretofore unobstructed ideological rampage of leftists through taxpayer-funded schools must be controlled. The Hive will leave no child’s mind unmolested by leftist dogma.

Leftists have thrown down the gauntlet. Take it up and slap ‘em—hard—figuratively speaking, of course.

She adds that she's glad to see parents swarming school board meetings, filing public records requests, and filing lawsuits and federal complaints.