Special townhall held in 'moment we cannot get wrong'

Special townhall held in 'moment we cannot get wrong'

Special townhall held in 'moment we cannot get wrong'

Christians in America continue to pray for Israel following the October 7 terrorist attacks.

The Stand With & Pray for Israel event, sponsored by the Family Research Council (FRC) as part of its Pray Vote Stand summits, was held last night at Village Church in Blythewood, SC.

"We as Americans must stand with our strongest and staunchest ally in the Middle East as they respond to the brutal attack by Hamas and seek to prevent future attacks," FRC President Tony Perkins said Friday. "We must pray for Israel's victory over its enemies and for God's supernatural peace to blanket the entire country."

At the gathering on Sunday, many met to stand with and pray for the Jewish people and the Jewish state of Israel.

"I believe [Genesis 12:3] is a promise that still is active today," Perkins declared at the event. "It does not have an expiration date."

David Friedman, a former U.S. ambassador to Israel, thanked people for their prayers and asked them to continue.

"Pray for the peace in Jerusalem. Pray for peace throughout this land," he requested. "Pray for the soldiers and their families. Pray for the hostages and their families. Pray for the first responders."

Former Representative Michelle Bachmann (R-Minnesota) said Israel needs us now more than ever.

"This is a moment we cannot get wrong," she asserted. "Stand with the Jewish people to see this through to victory."

Retired U.S. Army General Jerry Boykin voiced his embarrassment and anger at what he sees taking place at U.S. college campuses, and he encouraged believers to urge "every person who has ever said anything insulting about a Jew to get on their knees and repent."

"We've got to stand with Israel," he reiterated. "God told us to, and it is now that we have to stand with Him. Don't let them win. Don't let Hamas win."