The dangerous ideology behind Hamas, other terror groups

The dangerous ideology behind Hamas, other terror groups

The dangerous ideology behind Hamas, other terror groups

The brutality and religious extremism of Hamas was on full display during its invasion of Israel earlier this month. But where did that hatred come from?

The Muslim world can be divided into two camps, generally speaking: Sunni and Shi'a. Sunni Muslims constitute roughly 85% of the world's Muslim population; and likely are the sect found most often in American neighborhoods and communities. Then there are the Shi'a Muslims – some of whom are more likely to take their religious beliefs to violent extremes.

Hamas is a Shi'a Muslim terrorist organization. Long-time Christian commentator Kirby Anderson of Point of View tells American Family Radio that this Muslim sect believes in a so-called "12th imam" who just disappeared in the year 878.

Anderson, Kerby (Point of View) Anderson

"The 12th Imam is called Mahdi [or al-Mahdi] – and they believe that he didn't die, he just is gone and sort of disappeared,'" Anderson explained. "But they believe that eventually he will come back in the midst of this great conflict, and then rescue the Shi'ites."

In addition, according to Anderson, they believe demonically inspired anti-Semitism gives them ultimate immunity from destruction.

"They have this philosophy – in Iran, I think – that actually they could fire nuclear weapons at Israel and the Mahdi would protect them," he shared. "This is a very dangerous ideology and one more reason why we don't want Iran [which is 90-95% Shi'a] to get the nuclear weapon."

And both Muslim sects, he adds, believe that they will one day control the entire earth. "… Both Sunni and Shiite believe that this al-Mahdi will come and will begin to implement Sharia law – that's Islamic law – and eventually that you would have this worldwide caliphate," Anderson explained.

Fox News' Larry Kudlow recently identified Iran as the "master planner" and "chief puppeteer" of Hamas and other terror groups such as Hezbollah and Islamic Jihad.