Church urged to 'Wake UP!'

Church urged to 'Wake UP!'

Church urged to 'Wake UP!'

Organizers of an upcoming event in Texas say only the gospel can save this country.

Many Americans believe the LGBT and pro-abortion campaigns, national debt, and border crossings galore have collectively caused a mess in the homeland. Meanwhile, the government has offered no solutions.

But according to Bunni Pounds of Christians Engaged, the government is neither the problem nor the solution. With the gospel, she says, Christians can turn things around.

Pounds, Bunni (Christians Engaged) Pounds

"Do it from a faith- and spirit-led perspective," she urges. "We can't do things in the flesh. We can't do things putting all of our hope in political parties or candidates. We have to move out as God leads us and to be the leaders that He's called us to be. That's what this conference is all about."

November 3-4, 2023, those who gather at Cottonwood Creek Church for The Christians Engaged Conference will worship and pray together and hear testimonies and how-to talks from Christian political and faith leaders across denominational lines.

"Our heart is for Christians to realize that they can have a voice and an impact in America and that they can do it without really being corrupted," Pounds tells AFN. "They can walk with Jesus, and they can work within civics in the political arena and government realm without corrupting their souls."

Citing a Barna study in which one-third of voters listed religious belief as the top influence in their voting decisions, the goal of the third annual Wake UP! Conference is to mobilize a million Christians to "pray, vote, and engage" before next year's presidential election.

"Political activity alone will not save America – only the gospel will," Pounds reiterates. That means that politics and religion must come together.