Dear brothers and sisters, do not be misled

Dear brothers and sisters, do not be misled

Dear brothers and sisters, do not be misled

A Christian author and speaker is warning young believers not to be deceived by climate alarmists, reminding them there is a much higher priority for the Church.

Evangelicals remain among the most skeptical of Americans when it comes to "man-made climate change" and the massive changes activists want to inflict upon the country. But some in the younger generation of evangelicals are being taken in by climate hysteria and want the Church to get on the climate-change bandwagon.

CBS News recently found several would-be "Greta Thunbergs" among the faithful, as well as some evangelical leaders – like Galen Carey of the National Association of Evangelicals.

CBS host: "Why is there so much skepticism within the evangelical community about the science of climate change?"

Carey: "Well, very sadly, this whole issue has become politicized in an unhelpful way, and they say, 'Oh, well, if I'm conservative or if I'm Republican or whatever, then I must be opposed to this stuff.'"

Christian apologist Dr. Alex McFarland contends young Christians are being dupped – and says older ones should know better.

McFarland, Alex (Christian apologist) McFarland

"This is not part of the Bible, this is not part of the Great Commission," he tells AFN. "And I would urge people of all ages not to be misled. The planet is overseen by a sovereign God – and the Bible says springtime, harvest, seed time, it will persist until Christ returns. We can be assured of that because the Word of God says so."

But he says the goal that "climate alarmists" are working toward is something the Bible has something to say about – and that the evangelical church needs to mount an affirmative defense against it.

"I'm deeply grieved that professed evangelicals are getting on the climate alarmist bandwagon, because that is not part of the Great Commission and it's not good for anybody," he concludes.