What do 'trans' folks and progressive Christians have in common?

What do 'trans' folks and progressive Christians have in common?

What do 'trans' folks and progressive Christians have in common?

Texas' "leading voice" on marriage between one man and one woman says a church in his state is going out of its way to turn to the world rather than the Word of God.

Most states now have at least one church that courts and ministers to the LGBT population under the unbiblical agreement that a lifestyle that idolizes sexuality as okay with God. But Jonathan Covey of Texas Values says lying to people is not loving them well.

"Jesus may call us to be good neighbors, but He doesn't call us to enable the harming of children," he asserts. "Jesus doesn't call us to enable child abusers. Jesus doesn't call us to put political expedience ahead of spiritual transformation."

Earlier this year, the Texas Legislature passed a bill to outlaw gender manipulation treatments and surgeries on minors. In response, Galileo Church in Fort Worth founded the North Texas TRANSportation Network, a nonprofit organization that raises funds to transport minors to other states where they can get the "gender-affirming treatments" they want.

Covey, Jonathan (Texas Values) Covey

"Sadly, this church has gotten way off base with the true mission of the Church," Covey laments. "Pastors are held to a higher standard of care before God for their flock, so what we're seeing here is a major failure to live by even the most basic mission of the Church, which is helping the helpless."

Likely citing Matthew 22, the pastor of the church, Rev. Dr. Katie Hayes, insists that "Jesus calls us to be good neighbors." She takes that to mean that it is within His will to assist children in permanently mutilating their bodies. In fact, number one on Galileo's list of "missional priorities" found on its homepage is "justice for LGBTQ+ humans." The list also promises "no bull----, ever."

Progressive Christianity

Earlier this year, Deacon Calvin Robinson made headlines when he urged fellow Anglicans to stop leading people astray. Now, in a recent interview with Fox News Digital, the conservative Free Church of England minister has some pointed words for so-called progressive Christians.

"Progressive Christianity is an oxymoron," Robinson says. "You can either be a Christian, or you can be progressive."

Though he was not speaking in political terms, he recognizes that much of what politicians – Democrats and Republicans in America, Tories and Liberals in England – stand for has religious overtones.

"The Christian faith is inherently conservative because it provides a set of values that are seen by the modern world as conservative: Ideas such as marriage is between one man and one woman, that God made us male or female," Robinson notes.

That leaves little daylight between the far Left and so-called progressive Christians.

Robinson, Calvin (Free Church of England) Robinson

"Progressive Christianity, I see it much like trans, like 'a trans man.' The word 'trans' in that sentence means fake, right? A trans woman is a fake woman. A trans man is a fake man. A progressive Christian is a fake Christian; it's the same thing," he reasons. "They put that little caveat before it to let you know that they're not really doing what the thing comes after it is."

Logically, he presented the two possibilities: "You can either have the truth or not the truth. The truth is objective, right? So you have truth or lie."

Progressive Christianity, Robinson concluded, is about "twisting the truth," which means "it is all a lie."