Church urged to stop leading people astray

Church urged to stop leading people astray

Church urged to stop leading people astray

Conservative Anglicans have been lamenting their denomination's demise since the Church of England started compromising on scripture. But at least one faithful voice remains.

At the recent Oxford Society debates, the topic was the appropriateness of so-called homosexual marriage in the Church of England. Calvin Robinson, a deacon in the Free Church of England, delivered a speech that some conservative theologians say should be required listening in every denomination.

One by one, Rev. Robinson tore down the arguments for homosexuality in the Church, first addressing the claim that times have changed.

"We'll often argue in these debates we know more about homosexuality now that we did then. Maybe so," he conceded. "But are we really going to suggest that God knew less then than we know now?"

As for the case for a more inclusive Church, Robinson submitted that "it's a play of words."

"It's virtue signaling," he said. "It's to appear good rather than to be good. The Church should absolutely be inclusive. Christ spent time with tax collectors and prostitutes, but it is they who went away changed, not Christ."

In the end, Robinson brought a strong condemnation to those who would pervert the gospel.

"Stop teaching about diversity, inclusion, and equality, and get back to teaching about redemption and salvation. This is spiritual neglect," he said. "You do not have the authority to bless sin. When I hear the bishop of London, on record, saying these new prayers will mean priests can bless same-sex relationships, some of which may be sexual in nature, I hear the devil at work. Bishops are promoting the idea of sacramental sodomy. Let them be anathema. Repent."

Meanwhile in America, a Christian pastor recently told AFN the world is hungry for truth, and evangelical churches should be taking advantage of newer methods – not messages – to attract younger members to the Church.