Unity in Christ

Unity in Christ

Unity in Christ

A diverse coalition of churches will be coming together in ministry next month to simultaneously share the Bible's transformative message.

Unity Weekend, sponsored by an online ministry called Let's Talk, is an idea birthed out of prayer and a growing initiative.

As racial strife and sexual rebellion are driving the U.S. into moral and social chaos, a growing coalition of churches wants to bring the Christian witness to the culture and show a path out of the turmoil.

"The angst around the issue of race once again permeates the American political/cultural landscape," observes Pastor Samuel Rodriguez of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference. "This is a biblical response."

June 10th-11th, congregations that may ordinarily have little contact with each other will join together to show the nation a better way. The thinking is if the Church cannot speak into the problem, then who can?

Rodriguez, Rev. Samuel (NHCLC) Rodriguez

"We're talking about African American pastors preaching in predominantly white churches, Latino pastors preaching in Asian churches – you name it," Rodriguez notes. "Across the board, we're coming together. We're having conversations."

He hopes Unity Weekend will be the start of an effort that will continue throughout the year.

"It's a beautiful, Christ-centered, biblically substantiated, kingdom-advancing, reconciliatory prescription for such a time as this," the pastor asserts.

And there is still time for more churches to get involved.

"As a pastor, you can begin this weekend by speaking about unity – unity in the kingdom, the body of Christ that transcends racial strife, divisions, social, economic, political strife, and just calling the body to become one." Pastor Rodrigues adds.

Looking ahead, churches and ministries across the country will focus on teaching and preaching a biblical perspective of racial unity during the second weekend of each June in either a single sermon or series. Volunteers will also unite that weekend to serve underserved communities across the United States as a practical demonstration of love in action, as the Bible stresses.