Pastors urged to wake up to wokeness, fight false doctrines

Pastors urged to wake up to wokeness, fight false doctrines

Pastors urged to wake up to wokeness, fight false doctrines

Wokeness, it seems, has infiltrated almost every institution in America – including, in some instances, the Church. So, an author and pastor is asking his fellow pastors to sign a pledge that they will fight this secular religion from the pulpit.

Miles, Pastor Lucas (Indiana) Miles

Critical race theory, white guilt, drag queens and transgenderism – Indiana Pastor Lucas Miles says all that and more woke ideologies can be found in the pews and pulpits of American churches. In a video from his website, Miles – pastor of Nfluence Church in Granger, Indiana – says it's heresy and must be opposed:

"The Church in America has been invaded. Deceived by Marxist ideology, more and more pastors have drifted away from biblical truth."

Miles argues that many pastors are ill-equipped to fight the woke. He started the American Pastor Project to give them the tools for the battle:

"The American Pastor Project will lead the way in protecting sound doctrine. It will provide pastors with much needed resources and strategic relationships. And together, we will build strong churches that will stand at the front lines of the ideological war facing this nation."

The website invites pastors to sign a statement pledging to use their pulpits to fight the lie. In addition to affirming the biblical definitions of gender and marriage, the statement addresses wokeness head-on:

"As pastors, we embrace our role to shepherd the people, and to the extent that we are able, to protect our nation from the deceptions of false teaching and anti-Christ agendas, including, Marxism, socialism, CRT (critical race theory), universalism, critical queer theory, the slaughter of children (both in and out of the womb), climate alarmist theory, and globalism. As such, we hereby agree to not use our pulpits, nor any extension of our ministries, to promote these false doctrines, nor to give place to their advancement."

"… [Christians] can be forward-thinking …. In terms of the goal of Christianity and the goal of progressives, there's some similarity. Progressives are progressing for progress' sake. They are moving ahead no matter the cost. But the problem is they don't have a destination in mind." (Pastor Lucas Miles)

AFN spoke with Micah Clark, executive director of AFA of Indiana, who applauds Pastor Miles and the American Pastor Project. "I'm glad this pastor is doing this – because if the Church doesn't address it, doesn't stand now, where will we be in ten years?" he wonders.

Clark, Micah (AFA of Indiana) (1) Clark

Regarding the current wave of wokeness in America, Clark says his parents and grandparents wouldn't recognize today's culture – or church. "The things that we're dealing with would be ludicrous to them," he laments. "The idea that little children can change their gender, that men can get married to each other – this whole ideology turns reality on its head."

Signatories to the American Pastor Project isn't limited to pastors – traveling evangelists, missionaries, music groups, worship leaders, media hosts, and Bible teachers are all eligible.

Pastor Lucas Miles is author of "Woke Jesus: The False Messiah Destroying Christianity" and "The Christian Left: How Liberal Thought Has Hijacked the Church." His video podcast "Church & State" won the 2023 Program of the Year award from the National Religious Broadcasters.