McFarland: GOP not God's party but Dems becoming His enemy

McFarland: GOP not God's party but Dems becoming His enemy

McFarland: GOP not God's party but Dems becoming His enemy

According to a survey of churchgoers, the more Americans attend church regularly, the more politically and culturally conservative they become, which is quite a timely topic with Election Day approaching.

According to polling figures, white churchgoers show the biggest increase, from 19% of non-churchgoers who identify as conservative to a whopping 65% if they attend church at least weekly.

The increase is true among black, Hispanics, Asians and all other races. Black churchgoers who attend weekly are more conservative than non-attenders by about 15 points.

Christian apologist Alex McFarland tells AFN he is not surprised by the figures, since sitting under biblical Sunday morning preaching changes lives.

McFarland, Alex (Christian apologist) McFarland

“You're going to hear about God,” he says, “and you're going to be challenged to amend your life in light of God.”

It is true that most conservatives support and vote for Republican candidates over Democrats, including McFarland, but he says that is happening because Republican office holders understand America’s unique founding in history, which is wedded to the Bible and Christianity.

“The degree to which religious people are wedded to the Republican Party,” he insists, “is only because of the degree to which the Republican Party is standing for things that are biblical and constitutional.”

As far as the Democrat Party, polls going back two decades have documented its supporters and voters embracing secular beliefs and abandoning religious faith. In a July report, Survey Center on American Life found the percentage of Democrats who say religious faith is important to them dropped from 65% in 1998 to 43% in the latest sample. It's likely those liberals still attending church belong to an ear-tickling liberal denomination. 

Among self-identified Republicans, those who cling to their religious faith are still hovering between 60% to 65% after two decades.

Among other views of those Democrats, the survey said they disagree with the premise that marriage makes society stronger, and more of them are having fewer children or none at all. Despite displaying such ignorance about sociology and human history, almost half of those Democrats have at least a four-year college degree, and one in four possess a post-graduate degree, the Survey Center found.

Such a secular view of mankind and society, McFarland warns, represents an “irreconcilable worldview” that threatens America’s future, which he says makes the Nov. 8 midterm elections so important.