Church checklist for 'Pride' event: Rainbow flags, snacks, millstones

Church checklist for 'Pride' event: Rainbow flags, snacks, millstones

Church checklist for 'Pride' event: Rainbow flags, snacks, millstones

Reacting to the news that Kentucky churches are co-sponsoring a homosexual “pride” event, one that welcomes children to attend and mingle with adults, a Christian apologist says he hopes the church leaders bring plenty of millstones, too.

According to a Fox News story, Capital Pride Kentucky is scheduled for Saturday, Oct. 8 on the grounds of the State Capitol in Frankfort. Listed among the page of co-sponsors (pictured above) are Bridgeport Christian Church, First Christian Church, and South Frankfort Presbyterian Church.

In statements to Fox News, two of the three churches defended their participation.

“Bridgeport Christian Church,” that church said, “is an open and affirming church where all are welcome.”

“Capital Pride is an annual fun-oriented community fair,” the Presbyterian church said in a statement, “the way it's celebrated in Frankfort, Kentucky.”

The Presbyterian church also pointed out it has participated in the past, which is to suggest it’s not very newsworthy to learn a liberal congregation is involved in an homosexual-affirming event.

The church website, in fact, features a “Statement on Inclusion” that predictably says the church embraces “diversity in all its forms.”

What is happening inside those three churches, however, warns author-speaker Alex McFarland, is the enemy of the Church is winning converts.    

“Finally, after all of their years and years of planting seeds of immorality and heresy,” he tells AFN, “those seeds are bearing fruit.”

McFarland, Alex (Christian apologist) McFarland

Despite church leaders preaching about being welcoming and nonjudgmental, McFarland says the Bible is very clear that all forms of sexual perversion are sinful. That is because they are outside God’s design for marriage and for the family.

“The LGBTQ-trans agenda that these churches in Kentucky are supporting,” he insists, “is abnormal. It is unnatural. It is anti-biblical. And it is a life-destroying, soul-destroying ideology.”

As if that warning is not clear enough, McFarland says the churches are harming children, and God Himself is watching.  

"Jesus said it would be better for a millstone to be hung around somebody's neck," he says, referring to Luke 17:2, "and be thrown in the depths of the sea, than to harm a little one or cause one of these little ones to sin."