Catholic leader won't give up effort to expose Marxist ties

Catholic leader won't give up effort to expose Marxist ties

Catholic leader won't give up effort to expose Marxist ties

A Catholic insider known for holding the Catholic Church accountable is warning there is something akin to a virus that has infiltrated the top leadership that has aligned itself with abortion, homosexuality, and even Marxist-based revolution.

Michael Hichborn, who leads the Lepanto Institute, has researched Vatican agency Caritas Internationalis and is exposing its collaboration with worldly evil in a well-documented article that can be read here.

“The Vatican's agency called Caritas Internationalis is on the governing body,” Hichborn explains. “It's called the International Council of the World Social Forum.”

Hichborn, Michael (Lepanto Institute) Hichborn

The latter organization was formed in Brazil by three Communist groups, and Hichborn in his article gives examples, one after another, that the World Social Forum is unabashedly a Communist-promoting organization that enjoys the support of a prominent Catholic agency. 

Hichborn's own article points out he was alerting Catholic Church officials as far back as 2014 that Caritas was going against foundational teachings by promoting and participating in the Social Forum.

Despite that evidence of a long participation, and the flagrant ignoring of Catholic Church teachings, Hichborn says people are waking up to the enemies within the Vatican and want something done about them.

“Just like a virus infiltrates the body, there has to be anti-bodies,” he says. “There have to be white blood cells willing to go out and to oppose the invading forces and, in like manner, I think Catholics who are waking up to the problem are now rising up to defend the Body of Christ, which is the Church.”