Alex McFarland: I'd like to give back to the SBC

Alex McFarland: I'd like to give back to the SBC

Alex McFarland: I'd like to give back to the SBC

Now that Dr. Russell Moore has moved on to Christianity Today, The Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) is looking for a new leader, and a trusted name in the SBC is offering himself up for the job.

Some consider the ERLC and its former president to have been at the center of a rift in the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) that has grown over the last several years because of a push to the left. But now that the organization is without a president, Dr. Alex McFarlanda Christian apologist, author, evangelist, religion and culture analyst, advocate for biblical truth, and co-host of "Exploring the Word" on American Family Radio, thinks he is the man for the job.

"I will serve in the role of leader of the ERLC, and I will do it pro-bono," he offers to the SBC. "I would like to give back to the denomination that invested itself in me. It will not cost the SBC a penny, and I can virtually guarantee giving to the Cooperative Program will go up."

McFarland, who has been part of the SBC since coming to Christ, has already held several positions of leadership in Southern Baptist institutions.

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"I've seen the inner workings of the machine, and I'm very blessed to have the trust of hundreds of pastors across America and thousands of parishioners," he shares. "I am deeply concerned for the health and possible trajectory of the SBC."

The apologist also promises a new chapter for the ERLC, as he believes "the really petulant autonomy, the hands-off, no accountability that was insisted upon by the previous administration should be done away with."

McFarland says the new mission will be "to observe and analyze the overlap of faith and culture, to comment … from a biblical worldview, and to equip the saved and ultimately contribute to the evangelism of the lost."