Baucham: SBC's Resolution 2 'an act of cowardice'

Baucham: SBC's Resolution 2 'an act of cowardice'

Baucham: SBC's Resolution 2 'an act of cowardice'

At its recent annual meeting, the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) passed a resolution that didn't actually name but spoke out against critical race theory (CRT). While many agree that was a good middle ground, one SBC pastor thinks it was cowardly.

Resolution 2 affirms the sufficiency of scripture on race and racial reconciliation and rejects any theory that finds the ultimate identity of human beings in ethnicity. But speaking recently on the "Todd Starnes Show," Texas Pastor Voddie Baucham said the resolution does not go far enough.

"It was obvious building up to the convention that the issue at hand was Resolution 9 on critical race theory and intersectionality from two years ago at the convention and how that was going to be responded to," Baucham began. "When you respond to that with a resolution that refuses to even name critical race theory and intersectionality, that's an act of cowardice."

The issue of whether CRT is a tool to help Southern Baptists deal with racism has divided the denomination for two years, and Baucham says now is not the time for conservatives to take their foot off the gas.

"I think we continue to press the issue,” he suggested. "I think we continue to name this for what it is. I think we continue to expose the tenets of this ideology. I think we continue to demonstrate the fact that it is antithetical to biblical truth."

Baucham said there is more at stake than race in this battle over the "demonic ideology" than most people recognize.

"The hegemonic power at the end of the day that we're at war with is Christianity," he concluded.