Skittles advised to stick with candy

Skittles advised to stick with candy

Skittles advised to stick with candy

Disney, Bud Light, and Target are not the only companies dealing with boycotts.

Sam McCarthy of The Washington Stand recently told "Washington Watch" that Skittles may soon join the list of affected businesses because of its increased advocacy of all things LGBTQ.

McCarthy, Sam (The Washington Stand) McCarthy

"They've been splashing slogans across the packaging, saying things like, 'Joy is resistance,' 'Black trans lives matter,' 'Express urself' -- all of this, of course, is over LGBT imagery," he relayed. "They have drag queens. They have little cartoon characters with blue and green hair. It's mental."

Considering there are already calls to boycott Skittles, he does not rule out another Bud Light moment.

"Money is the only language that they speak," McCarthy said about corporations that aggressively push this LGBTQ+ agenda. "So, as long as we hit them in their wallets, they'll get the message."

An advocacy organization for moms says Skittles' parent company, Mars Incorporated, has made a huge mistake with its new pro-trans marketing campaign.

Cole, Monica Cole

"Instead of sticking to selling candy, Skittles is attempting to turn children into LGBTQ activists, further indoctrinating children," One Million Moms Director Monica Cole said in an email to supporters. "Since children love candy, they are the obvious target audience of this woke advertising campaign."

One Million Moms is petitioning Skittles to "stop its inappropriate marketing campaigns and cancel this pro-trans packaging."