Since Target 'blew itself up'

Since Target 'blew itself up'

Since Target 'blew itself up'

A shareholder isn't surprised that the Minnesota-based retailer has lowered its sales and profit expectations for the rest of the year.

This decision comes as Target continues to face backlash from consumers over the second quarter release of LGBTQ+ products for kids.

Scott Shepard of the Free Enterprise Project at the National Center for Public Policy Research, an organization that owns shares in companies so it can confront them about their bad business decisions and encourage them to move back to center, says Target is in bad shape.

"Target was in terrible trouble before it blew itself up," Shepard asserts. "Target's down 50% in the last year or two. And remember that after this happened, Brian Cornell, the CEO of Target, said that this was the right decision for society and the best decision for Target's bottom line."

Shepard had one word for that: Nonsense.

Shepard, Scott (NCPPR) Shepard

He points out that even though the average Target shopper is a middle-class mom, the retailer gave $50 million of shareholder assets to GLSEN, an organization whose primary purposes is to train teachers to hide from that core customer base any gender dysphoria problems or other confusions that "those very teachers have themselves spun up in these kids by grooming them."

"The idea that that was going to be good for Target was always insane," Shepard summarizes.

For him, the fact that no one on Target's board of directors or executive team thought to bring that up speaks volumes.

"Target is not effectively run," Shepard submits. "There is no question about it anymore."

Now Target is facing lawsuits for violating its fiduciary duty and burning up shareholder value for the personal policy reasons of its directors. In July, state attorneys general, including Andrew Bailey (R-Missouri), warned the retailer to stop pushing a sexual agenda on children.

"We're putting them on notice," said Bailey in a July press release.

His office has continued to monitor Target's conduct.

"We hope and trust that those efforts are going to succeed," Shepard tells AFN. "Brian Cornell should have retired two months ago. He has got to go."

American Family News is a division of the American Family Association, a ministry that has been boycotting Target for years over its policies allowing males in female bathrooms and changing areas.