Pastor: Defies business logic that corporate America is going woke

Pastor: Defies business logic that corporate America is going woke

Pastor: Defies business logic that corporate America is going woke

An Indiana pastor is convinced the growing wokeness in corporate America is part of the Left's plan to "dismantle the American way of life."

Target and other retailers have been in the news recently for selling – among other "Pride Month"-related items – pro-transgender merchandise. While companies say the move is meant to have something for everyone, Christians and other consumers say this is not right.

Lucas Miles, a pastor and Summit Ministries faculty member, told the "Washington Watch" program last week that retailers are "profiteering" from a mental health crisis among America's youth.

"It's easy to look at them and go 'What are they thinking?' Don't they know what this is going to do?' … and there's part of me that's starting to really believe that this is all part of the plan," he offered.

Miles, Pastor Lucas (Indiana) Miles

"[It's] all part of this dismantling of the American way of life that the radical Left has been so intent on for so long, that's driven by this Marxist substructure that we have. Because it's one company after another – from Adidas to Ford, to many others, Levi's, Calvin Klein … the list goes on and on."

Fox News reported on Monday that among the latest to join the pride parade is Kohl's, which has launched into June ("Pride Month") by selling LGBTQ clothing for infants and youngsters.

"There is no reason logically that companies that have thrived on capitalism for so long would all jump off of a cliff with [woke] policy decisions like this," Miles continued.

"There has to be other benefits for them, whether that's backroom deals, things related to ESG, I don't know; but I think that all of us in America … need to be asking these questions to really get to the bottom of what's actually going on here because I don't believe their marketing departments are that bad."

Miles is author of "Woke Jesus: The False Messiah Destroying Christianity" and creator of the website American Pastor Project (see earlier related story). He is also pastor of Nfluence Church in Granger, Indiana.