On election eve, Biden says GOP 'rooting' for recession

On election eve, Biden says GOP 'rooting' for recession

On election eve, Biden says GOP 'rooting' for recession

On the eve of Election Day, President Joe Biden is bragging Democrats are the party of jobs and a growing economy, but that claim is being challenged in light of the reality being experienced by millions of families and business owners.

Last week, the Biden administration announced 261,000 jobs were added in October, and unemployment remains low at 3.7%, which appear to be good numbers. Rachel Greszler, a labor expert at The Heritage Foundation, tells AFN those numbers seem promising if people aren’t aware the number of employed people dropped by 328,000 during October, too.

“And so it seems that there is something happening where there are more people working maybe two part-time jobs, and so that shows up as a job gain,” she observes. “But, really, it’s just one person that’s doing those two jobs.”

Greszler, Rachel (Heritage Foundation) Greszler

The suggestion some people are taking a second job is certainly a possibility given the inflation-driven prices that are hurting millions of families attempting to pay for gas, groceries, and utility bills during the Biden economy. Businesses suffer, too, when families cut back.

AFN reported in a recent story that 75% in a CNN poll said the U.S. is currently in a recession, which is determined by two quarters of fall GDP, but which the Biden administration is still challenging with help from the media and some economists.  

The number of full-time jobs available in the U.S., Greszler also advises, dropped by more than 400,000 in October.

Compare that stark reality to the political bubble at the White House, where President Biden claimed last week his administration has added 10 million jobs since he took office.

In that same comment, Biden said Republicans are “rooting for a recession,” as if the U.S. economy is still avoiding entering one but the GOP is somehow trying to make it happen.

According to the Job Creators Network, its monthly survey of small business owners concluded with 3 out of 5 saying the U.S. has entered a recession.

“Inflation continues every single month to be the dominant issue,” says Elaine Parker, a Job Creators spokesperson. “With 71% believing that is their biggest issue, their biggest problem.”

In the same survey, business owners said they support the Republican Party on Election Day because they believe the party is pro-business and will support small businesses. Asked if GOP wins will help or hurt, 58% answered "help" and 19% answered "hurt." 

Parker, Elaine (Job Creators Network Foundation) Parker

Farther down in the same small business survey:

*52% said their price raises have been "significant"

*56% said they are concerned about closing their business

*71% answered "no" when asked if the Biden administration is doing enough to fight inflation.