New England's female athletes watching politicians put them in last place

New England's female athletes watching politicians put them in last place

Female athletes are pictured with a male competitor (No. 3), Maelle Jacques, during a state competition in New Hampshire. 

New England's female athletes watching politicians put them in last place

A sports reporter who is no fan of males competing in female sports is following not one but two males who are dominating girls’ track-and-field competitions in several New England states.

In the span of one week, one male athlete tied with a girl in the high jump competition and a second male athlete won the triple jump, according to New Boston Post reporter Tom Joyce.

"It’s the same thing that keeps happening,” Joyce tells AFN. “As long as blue states allow males to compete in girls' sports, you're going to have males win state titles in girls' sports."

On May 23, male athlete Maelle Jacques won a state title – his second – during a track and field championship meet that was held in Tilton, New Hampshire. He tied with a female athlete, Sya McKay, in the high jump competition.

Jaques, now a high school sophomore, finished second as a high school freshman in 2023 in the 1600-meter run, Joyce previously reported. He lost by two seconds to a high school junior last year.

On May 29, male athlete Lucas Bidwell – who calls himself “Lizzy” – won the triple jump for Connard High School at a state championship held in Connecticut. He beat the closest competitor – a girl – by 14 inches in the triple jump.

“This athlete also had a second-place finish in the high jump and the long jump,” Joyce advises. “Last year, Bidwell helped Connard High School win a team state championship.”

In the liberal-dominated New England states, Joyce says there is no help coming for female athletes in Connecticut, for example. That is because a “trifecta” of Democrat politicians have chosen to protect transgender male athletes over females, according to Joyce.

In neighboring New Hampshire, however, Gov. Chris Sununu (pictured above) has a bill on his desk that would categorize athletes in grades 5-12 by their sex at birth. After the Republican-led Senate approved the legislation in mid-May, Sununu is undecided over signing it.

Sununu, a liberal Republican, is under pressure from protesters and from liberal media outlets that would label him "transphobic" if he signs the bill. 

“These blue states are complicit in ruining the integrity of sports for their female athletes. I think it’s a real shame,” Joyce says. “I think these girls deserve an opportunity to compete against other girls.”