A return to biology-based competition, a return to common sense

A return to biology-based competition, a return to common sense

A return to biology-based competition, a return to common sense

New Hampshire Republicans are working to prevent males from competing in interscholastic girls' sports – an effort that at least one reporter thinks should be bipartisan.

Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers (D) vetoed a bill Tuesday that was passed by the Republican-controlled Legislature aimed at stopping males claiming to be females from playing on a high school's female athletic teams. More details...

NewBostonPost reporter Tom Joyce says House Bill 1205 would bring common sense back to the state.

"The bill would apply to students in grades 5-12 and require them to compete on the teams based on their biological sex rather than so-called gender identity," he details.

The bill recently passed narrowly in the state House by a vote of 189-182, with all Republicans voting in favor and all Democrats voting against it.

Joyce, Tom (NewBostonPost) Joyce

"It's just crazy this it's such a partisan divide up there on this issue, when nearly 70% of Americans agree that males should not be competing in girls' sports," Joyce submits. "It should be a common-sense thing that Democrats and Republicans can come together and both support."

If it goes on to become law, he says it would be unique.

"This is one of the states where you've had many instances of males competing in girls' sports … and doing quite well," the reporter notes. "Many of the states that have enacted the bans, the lawmakers have had a hard time citing local examples of this issue happening."

But Joyce lists CeCe Telfer, Lane Joslin, and Parker Tirrell as examples of female-identifying males who became high-placing athletes in girls' sports in recent years.

"The transgender athlete thing is a real serious problem," he asserts.

But this measure would stop the problem in New Hampshire.

"I would just hope that Governor Chris Sununu (R) does the right thing, and I hope that the New Hampshire Senate moves on this quickly," Joyce says.

Republicans control the state Senate, and Gov. Sununu (pictured above) is a moderate Republican. It is so far unclear if the Senate will take the bill up for a vote or if Sununu supports the legislation; he has not publicly addressed it.