Is this a new normal in athletics?

Is this a new normal in athletics?

Is this a new normal in athletics?

At least one reporter is making sure the public knows that more males are competing in and dominating female sports.

Lazuli Clark, the male who plays on the girls' basketball, volleyball, and track and field teams at KIPP Academy in Massachusetts, is just one of at least four examples of this in America's northeastern states.

Whiting, Sam (MFI) Whiting

"There have been boys on girls' teams for some time in Massachusetts," notes Massachusetts Family Institute staff attorney Sam Whiting. "There's been an outcry about this for a long time, but unfortunately, nothing's been done to fix it, and it's produced a lot of stolen championships, a lot of injuries … and it's displaced girls from their own teams."

In Maine, a male skier who goes by the name Soren Stark-Chessa had three third-place finishes at a state championship.

In Vermont, a 6'1" senior boy who answers to the name Rose Johnson contributed to the Long Trail School girls' basketball team's 17-1 season record.

Next door in New Hampshire, male Maelle Jacques practically dominates in girls' track and now holds the title of state champion. He has competed in four regular season meets this season and has won first place each time.

Joyce, Tom (NewBostonPost) Joyce

NewBostonPost reporter Tom Joyce notes that Jacques came in second place as a freshman in the 1600 meter in outdoor track and field, "which is to say this athlete is bound to win several state championships over the next few years."

Joyce says guys competing in girls' sports is becoming increasingly more common.

"The mainstream media doesn't report on it, and therefore, people don't know about it," he submits.

He, however, is reporting on it and says other instances will be brought to light in the coming weeks.