In Title IX debate, we must weigh in

In Title IX debate, we must weigh in

AFA is calling for action as the federal government is threatening to take away Title IX funding from any public school that doesn't allow boys to compete as girls.

The Department of Education is proposing a rule that will force schools throughout the country to buy into the president's transgender agenda that is allowing boys to compete on girls' teams in the pool, on the court, on the track, and every other athletic venue. Title IX money will be taken away from any school that does not comply.

American Family Association President Tim Wildmon says it is the latest way the Biden administration is trying to force America to accept deviant sexuality.

Wildmon, Tim Wildmon

"President Biden and his administration are all in on the transgender movement, and so that includes boys competing against girls in sports," he says. "They're promoting that. They're saying that's legitimate."

He submits that the Left is ignoring the obvious: Allowing boys in girls' athletics compromises and threatens to destroy them.

"The difference between males and females, physiologically, is obvious to everyone – the muscular development, the bone structure, the larger capacity of the lungs," Wildmon points out.

He also finds it ironic that Biden is holding Title IX over schools' heads, because that is the law that allows girls' teams in the first place. The AFA president insists that America must wake up.

"I think this is a loser, and I think common sense is going to prevail in the end," he states.

To help accomplish that, AFA has issued an Action Alert encouraging people to issue a public comment.

"Public comments are part of the record on this debate, and you need to weigh in," says Wildmon.

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