Good Sciencing the bearer bad, but true, news

Good Sciencing the bearer bad, but true, news

Good Sciencing the bearer bad, but true, news

Though statistics show that more than 1,700 otherwise fit athletes have suffered serious health complications since the COVID shots started rolling out, a registered nurse doesn't expect the government to change course on the issue.

According to the research compiled by a group of investigators, reporters, and news editors, 1,762 cases of cardiac arrests or serious medical issues to mostly young, fit athletes were documented. More than 1,200 of those people died on the field of play or in a hospital.

"Many of these heart issues and deaths come shortly after [the athletes] got a COVID vaccine," the report begins. "While it is possible this can happen to people who did not get a COVID vaccine, the sheer numbers clearly point to the only obvious cause."

The members of the group called Good Sciencing want to remain anonymous so they can continue to push back against the claim that "the COVID vaccine is a normal vaccine, and it is safe and effective" without getting cancelled. Twila Brase of Citizens' Council for Health Freedom is glad to see that someone is doing the work.

"The federal government is not and has not been doing their job to tell us the facts about vaccine-related deaths," she observes.

And despite the mounting evidence that the COVID shots are dangerous, Brase says the government does not seem interested in changing course.

Brase, Twila (CCHF) Brase

"Those mandates continue despite the clear evidence of harm, even now from the CDC, with more than 30,000 deaths reported post vaccination," the nurse laments. "There's clear evidence of danger here."

The drug companies that developed the vaccines were given immunity from lawsuits in exchange for rushing the shots to market, but Brase says the drug manufacturers could potentially be sued if they did not tell the truth or if they covered up the side effects and dangers of the shots.

"I think one of the things that is out there on the litigation standpoint is the fact that Pfizer knew, and it seems like Moderna probably knew as well, that there were significant injuries after not all that long of time," she tells AFN.

Meanwhile, sources like the Associated Press call any statistics critical of the shots "baseless" and "false" and accuse the researchers of circulating a "faulty narrative."