Round Two: Biden admin bullies campuses not woke to new Title IX

Round Two: Biden admin bullies campuses not woke to new Title IX

Round Two: Biden admin bullies campuses not woke to new Title IX

A law firm that blasted the Biden administration for planning to redefine Title IX federal law is speaking out on behalf of state legislatures and college campuses that are standing up for females despite bullying threats from their own federal government.

According to a USA Today article, the U.S. Department of Education is warning public campuses to ignore state laws that conflict with the Biden administration’s interpretation of Title IX, the 1970s law that bans discrimination against females on public school campuses.

The only problem with the federal government’s warning – which is really a bullying threat over losing federal funds – is that college campuses that have followed federal law for a half-century are being told a man who identifies as a woman is legally recognized as a woman.

Julie Marie Blake, an attorney with Alliance Defending Freedom, a law firm fighting to protect Title IX rights of female athletes, says the woke Biden administration is overstepping its bounds by bullying schools to bend to its illegal interpretation.

Blake, Julie (ADF) Blake

"Congress has never passed a law saying any of this,” she tells AFN. “And that's why President Biden is acting unlawfully when he is threatening schools just for adhering to common-sense understanding of who is male and who is female."

AFN reported in September that ADF attorneys used a public comment period to rip the Biden administration over its plans to redefine Title IX law. ADF submitted five formal comments that argued the Department of Education lacks legal authority to rewrite federal law; the rule will undermine fairness in women’s sports, which was the purpose of the 1970s law; undermines parental rights; advocates for abortion; and violates free speech by censoring unwanted beliefs and by forcing people to state made-up gender pronouns or face punishment.

he U.S. Department of Education witnessed a record-breaking number of comments pour in, a whopping 184,000 in all, but the USA Today article suggests overwhelming public opposition is being ignored and the next stage of the transgender-crazed administration is a bullying phase.

According to Blake, “radical activists” in the Biden administration are threatening anyone who stands up for the basic scientific fact that humans are either male or female, including on the soccer field, the swim team, and the locker room.

"Title IX was written to protect girls so that they have an equal opportunity to compete on a sports team just like boys do,” the ADF attorney says. “And the threat is dangerous for women and girls, although freedom for everyone is at stake with this radical overreach, everyone's privacy and safety.”