Division 1 records next for male swimmer after Ivy League wins

Division 1 records next for male swimmer after Ivy League wins

University of Pennsylvania swimmer Will Thomas, who says he is female, set new records at a recent Ivy League swim meet held at Harvard. He is now weeks away from doing the same at a Division 1 competition set for March 16.

Division 1 records next for male swimmer after Ivy League wins

As predicted, University of Pennsylvania male swimmer Will Thomas swam circles around his female competitors at a recent swim meet, where he broke records previously set by female swimmers at prestigious Ivy League colleges and universities.

Thomas, a six foot-plus senior who joined the women’s team this year, won three different events and broke multiple records, Fox News reported.

The swim meet was held at Harvard, where Thomas (pictured above) predictably set new swim records at Blodget Pool.

In a separate post-competition story, Fox News asked the White House if President Joe Biden still supports transgender athletes considering Thomas’s domination in collegiate swimming. A spokesman did not respond to the request for comment.

Over the last year, the story points out, the LGBT-embracing Biden administration reversed the pro-woman policies of the Trump administration at the Justice Department and the Education Department.

"Before [Biden] got elected,” says Steve McConkey, of 4 Winds Christian Athletics, “he promised the LGBT -- and all the other alphabet group -- that he was going to promote transgenders and the agenda of the homosexuals."

McConkey, a former track star, has warned for years the transgender craze would harm women’s sports. He points out state legislatures have taken notice of the issue and are pushing back on the unfair ideology.

“I think people are waking up, and they have common sense,” McConkey tells AFN, “and I think they're going to vote accordingly."

That decision has come at a cost, however. Outspoken lawmakers and livid female athletes are routinely called “transphobic” and accused of “hate” for speaking out, which is routine bullying tactic of homosexual activists. Many female swimmers have said they fear speaking out over similar backlash, and even tennis legend  Martina Navratilova generated fierce backlash when she defended women-only sports in 2019.

The lesbian and gay rights pioneer was herself called "transphobic" for holding that view.

Thomas, meanwhile, has provided those critics with a real-life example of what an athletic male can do when competing against athletic females. He is now expected to dominate Division 1 championships that are set for March 16-19.