AI advances 'smack' of Satan

AI advances 'smack' of Satan

AI advances 'smack' of Satan

Though he acknowledges that artificial intelligence has its benefits, an author and worldview expert says people also need to be aware that there are negatives.

George Barna recently told AFR that the problem with this created tool is that it can be deceiving, "and we have not yet figured out how to limit AI in order for people to recognize when they are being deceived by it."

For him, it just "smacks of the work of Satan."

"He's darkness, but he disguises himself sometimes as light, and that's what AI reminds me of," the researcher noted. "Can it produce good and helpful output? Yes, it can. But it can also produce very negative, harmful output disguised as good output."

So before society jumps much deeper into this, he recommends wisdom.

Barna, George (ACFI) Barna

"We have enough computer scientists who are warning us that it's possible that if you fully develop AI, it's going to take on a life of its own, and we're not going not be able to control it," said Barna. "That's not something that we want to unleash."

Earlier this year, Barna published information showing nearly 9 in 10 pastors said they would be comfortable with at least some use of AI in the Church.

Last year, it was widely reported that AI bot ChatGPT could write sermons. One pastor even wrote a Christianity Today op-ed saying he felt there was room for AI when it comes to writing sermons.

Barna, however, points out that God did not call AI to be preach.

"He called you to do that," he reminded pastors. "Maybe you are going to use some information there, but you better check it as carefully as any other information that you would use."

So now, as thousands of pastors are turning to AI for help with sermons, class lessons, and ministry, he urges preachers to remember that one day, they will personally have to answer to God for every word they said to their congregations or to any congregant.

"We have got a long way to go before we ought to feel comfortable using AI in any of the things we are developing for ministry or creating for ministry," he submits.